Fraction Magazine

Thrilled to announce that my new project, Azalea Trail Maids, is featured in Fraction Magazine this month.  Fraction is an online venue dedicated to fine art, contemporary photography, bringing together diverse bodies of work by established and emerging artists from around the globe.  I’ve always admired the artists featured here, so I’m really excited to be in the April issue.  Check it out here:

Critical Mass Finalist

Very excited to share that I was selected as a Critical Mass 2017 Finalist for my Nashville Cardinals work.  There are some incredible photographers on the list, and I’m honored to be among them.

New Work for Lands’ End

A shoot for Land’s End this summer took us on an epic road trip up the California coast with the delightful duo Pete Thuli and Taylor Butcher (& pup Snoop!) of Insta fame @alwaystheroad, documenting their adventures living in a converted sprinter van.  I love it when a commercial opportunity arises where I can photograph people in their own unique environments. We were able to really capture their lifestyle and their nomadic sensibility, and had a blast doing it.

Take a look at the rest of the story here.

Color Story

Prop Styling: Lauren Day | Wardrbobe: Kimberly Glass | HMU: Angalina Sandoval | Producer/Wrangler: Laura Norgard




A few favorites from this winter’s shoot with the talented Seattle clothing designers behind FIORAVANTI.  Fun day with these ladies.

Prop styling by Gretchen Bell.  HMU by Jenny Verador

Track and Field

A few outtakes from this winter’s track & field shoot.  The talent hadn’t met before this day, but one of my favorite things about my job is making people feel comfortable and having a good time on set.  By the time we’d pulled wardrobe and started hair&makeup, everyone was at ease and having a ball.



I’ve been working with athletes a lot this year, and it’s been great fun.  Here are a few from our recent story on running.  Wardrobe: Gretchen Bell, HMU: Angalina Sandoval; Talent: SLU Agencyathletes_3565_blogathletes_3298_blogathletes_3871_blog-2athletes_3932_blogathletes_3911_blog

Weight Watchers

Inspiring shoot for Weight Watchers with triathlete Megan Steeber.  This was slated to run in summer, but we actually shot this in winter, on a drizzly 28 degree day.  Thanks to my assistant for helping fake some sunshine, and big props to Megan and the rest of our crew for being such troopers.


The Oldest Seattle Floating House

I’ve been working on a project with the Floating Homes Association this summer and had the opportunity to photograph the oldest houseboat in Seattle, (along with it’s owner Mr. Kennedy).  Built in 1909, it was originally the host house for the Alaska Yukon Expo.  With a leaky roof and listing front corner, it may not be floating for much longer, but what a cool piece of Seattle history.




UVA Children’s Hospital

Loved working with Lewis Communications and University of Virginia Children’s Hospital on this ad campaign.  The concept was to photograph several patients, living happy, healthy lives.  Always fun and inspirational to tell the stories of “real” people.  Big thanks to our producer Amy Quick at Arvold Productions for helping put together such a great team for this project.

6309 UVA Child Battle Print Ads m01.indd

6309 UVA Child Battle Print Ads m01.indd